【Please before you go out】
 Before going out, please check the temperature and check your physical condition.
 When visiting the museum, please cooperate with the employee's instructions regarding infection prevention.
 When crowded, admission may be restricted depending on the situation.

 ※Persons above 37.5°C are not allowed to enter.
Kaminomiya Onsen Kawaratei
Welcome to Kaminomiya Onsen Kawaratei


Welcome to Kawaratei

Uesugi Kagetora related the foot of Samegao Castle the the foot of Samegao Castle the the foot of Samegao Castle, Welcome to the natural hot spring Kaminomiya Onsen Kawaratei
The hot springs boiled in a historical land have outstanding beautiful skin effect and outdoor baths where beautiful nature can be expected.

As well as staying, you can drop in on the way and use it as a day trip.
Please enjoy the "two types of hot water" that Kawaratei boasts.
We are waiting for your visit from the bottom of my heart.

*For customers who are planning to stay

  • About presentation of identification documents

    There are various travel price discount campaigns these days.
    There are also differences in the conditions of each target audience.
    About the confirmation documents of the target person, almost the same thing is required.

    About the Niigata Trip Discount Campaign
    From 5/8 (Monday), some confirmation documents will be changed due to the 5th or later of the new coronavirus infectious disease.

    *Only personal identification documents (driver's license, insurance card, etc.) that can confirm your name and current address are accepted.

    Please contact us for details.

Notice of end of new reservation acceptance for nationwide travel support "Usage Niigata Tabi Discount Campaign"

  • Notice of end of new reception for nationwide travel support

    Nationwide travel support"Useful Niigata Travel Discount Campaign"
    (Excluding April 29th to May 7th) The usage period is until June 30th, 2023 (Friday).

    For reservations from travel reservation sites (Jalan /Rakuten), refer to each site.
    Customers who made a reservation from HP or made a direct reservation by phone
    On Saturday, April 8, 5th year of Reiwa, we received a notification from Niigata Prefecture about the end of the budget.
    We are no longer accepting new reservations.

    *Those who have made a reservation by April 7th (Friday) and have contacted us in advance to use travel assistance are eligible for use.

    Please contact the store for details.

    ※Please check the linked page for terms of use.

About the business of the restaurant Kawaratei

  • Notice of business hours from the restaurant "Kawaratei"

    Thank you for using Kawaratei.

    Currently, the restaurant "Kawaratei"
    Only open for lunch on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Dining Hall『Kawaratei] ※Saturdays, Sundays and holidays only

    Open for lunch from 11:00 to 14:30(L.O14: 00)

    ※Some menu items cannot be ordered.
    ※We will be closed at night.

"Great deals" from Kawaratei

  • 【Limited to Weekdays】Beautiful skin gastronomy plan【Day Trip】

    It is plan only during the daytime on weekdays.

    It is a great deal that comes with a mini kaiseki meal + bathing + room break.
    ≪Set details≫
    ·Mini Kaiseki cuisine
    ·Venue usage fee is free from 11:00 to 15:00 [The dining room is a banquet hall.】
     (We will serve meals during the above time)
    ·Bathing fee service(With face towel)

    It costs 4,620 yen (including tax and service charge) per person, and can be used by 2 or more people.
    Please make a reservation at least 4 days before the scheduled date.
    ※If you need a pick-up service, please contact us.(For a charge)

Fully reserved! tent sauna plan

  • Enjoy a different sauna experience in a private sauna.

    A tent sauna is now available at Kawaratei!
    This sauna is a fully reserved private sauna.

    You can adjust the temperature to your liking by adjusting the amount of firewood!
    You can also pour water on the sauna stone and wash it!

    Advance reservation is required.Please make a reservation by phone by the day before.
    TEL 0255-72-7307

    Usage fee(Uniform for up to 4 people)
    2 hours plan 8,800 yen
    3 hours plan 11,000 yen

    ※Please bring your own swimwear.Disposable trunks (110 yen) are also available.
    ※It may not be available due to bad weather, etc.
    ※Cancellation on the day 20% charge

Kawaratei publication information

  • 【Jalan】It was introduced as a shop with more than 90 reviews.

    Thank you for using Kawaratei

    Thanks to everyone who has been patronizing us on a regular basis
    This time, a travel magazine published by Jalan
    "Over 90 reviews! At the inn (Kanto / Tohoku version) that was good to stay
    Selected as one of the 5 best inns in Niigata prefecture.thank you very much.

    I hope we can continue to be an inn that many people can choose from.
    All employees will treat you with all your heart.

Kawaratei's approach to the new coronavirus

  • To protect customers and employees...

    To all the guests who stay, and to everyone who visits the hot spring for a day trip,
    We are carrying out temperature measurement.
    If the temperature exceeds 37.5℃, even the hotel guests will not be allowed to enter.

    Alcohol for disinfection is installed in various places in this facility.
    We also have vinyl curtains in the restaurant and front desk.
    Employees should wear masks and ask customers to wear them as well.

    Air conditioning is also included, but air is regularly replaced.

    We hope that our customers will have a safe and secure experience.
    I will do what I can do as a Kawaratei.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Group-only plan

  • For use in training camps and training. ..No group meal plan

    We have prepared a great meal-free plan

    Kawaratei are staying at Kawaratei Annex "Yuki".

    ·Number of users 10 to 22

    ·Accommodation fee 3,850 yen per personFrom (tax included) 
    *A separate hot spring tax of 150 yen (adults only) will be charged.

    *With towel, amenities, futon laying self
     Each room is equipped with TV and air conditioner
     Toilets and refrigerators are shared.
    (Prices will change for plan amenities and futon mattresses.)

    *This plan is reserved by phone only.
    If you have any requests for breakfast, dinner or anything else, please contact us by phone.

We are looking for LINE friends.

  • We are looking for LINE friends.

    Kawaratei LINE Official account has started.

    We will deliver valuable information and sales contact.

    We will consider discounts and coupons later, so

    Please register as a friend.

About the use of the karaoke room

  • About the use of the karaoke room

    From Saturday, May 1, 3rd year of Reiwa
    To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection

    We will suspend the use of the karaoke room.

    We will inform you about the resumption time according to the situation.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers.
    Thank you for your understanding.

We serve kaiseki cuisine and kaiseki cuisine

  • For family funerals and family banquets

    We offer two types of 5,000 yen and 7,000 yen.
    The contents can be changed according to your request, such as celebrations and Buddhist memorial services.Please feel free to contact us.
    Please ask for the delivery time when ordering.

    We look forward to serving you.

    ※Reservations can be made up to 3 days before the date of use.
    ※We will be offering you a takeaway container.No need to return.


Google Map

Hotel Name

Kaminomiya Onsen, Kawaratei


31-3 Jinguji, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture

Telephone number

0255-72-7307(Operation hours from 10:00 to 21:00)


About 5 minutes by car from Arai smart IC on the Joshinetsu Highway
About 7 minutes by car from Jōetsumyōkō Station

Free transportation to the nearest station(conditions:1 night breakfast or pick-up is not available for guests without meals)*Reservations required until 15:00 the day before
We cannot accept guests after 17:00.
The next day's sending is possible from 9 o'clock.
Go to the traffic access page

There is also a day-long bathing.Please feel free to use.

  • One-day hot springs, Details

      Opening Hours
      From 10:30 to 21:00((Last reception 20:30)
      Bathing fee
      Adults: ¥1,000 / Elementary school students: ¥500 / Infants: Free
     Private room (2nd floor guest room) Break (reservation required: accepted from 1 week in advance) ・・・ 3,300 yen for 2 hours / + 1,650 yen for each Extension hour

      Rental face towel ... Free/ /Rental bath towel ... ¥ 200

      ※ Due to stormy weather in winter, the closing time may change.
      *A 10-time ticket (7,000 yen) is also available.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


9:00 to 21:00