The free break room this weekend has been changed to a cafeteria.

We apologize for the inconvenience
Due to water supply trouble, mist sauna and indoor bath stone bath are suspended
Water bath in front of the sauna is available with tap water
Open for 600 yen for adults and 200 yen for children
~It is expected to be restored in 4 days closed in April~
【Closed in April】 From 20 days to 23 days
Kaminomiya Onsen Kawaratei
Welcome to Kaminomiya Onsen Kawaratei


Welcome to Kawaratei

Uesugi Kagetora related the foot of Samegao Castle the the foot of Samegao Castle the the foot of Samegao Castle, Welcome to the natural hot spring Kaminomiya Onsen Kawaratei
The hot springs boiled in a historical land have outstanding beautiful skin effect and outdoor baths where beautiful nature can be expected.

As well as staying, you can drop in on the way and use it as a day trip.
Kawaratei Please enjoy pride of the "two kinds of natural beauty fountain" in the body.
We are waiting for your visit from the bottom of my heart.

About business or cancellation due to the influence of coronavirus etc.

  • About correspondence of our shop by coronavirus

    We received available Kawaratei than daily, Thank you very much.

    Please enjoy accommodation, banquets, and memorial services due to the recent outbreak of coronavirus.
    There is no cancellation fee for cancellation.
    The end is not yet visible at the moment, even if you have already booked
    I think it is difficult to judge, but if you can judge it as much as one week before
    I am very grateful to be here.

    Employees also wear masks to prevent infection.
    Alcohol for disinfection is installed in the lobby and each toilet.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

First half of 2020 Event Schedule

  • Event schedule for the first half of 2020

    Thank you for using Kawaratei on a daily basis.
    Finally the Olympic Year!
    The event schedule for the first half of 2020 has been set.
    ladies and gentlemen,Please participate after invitation.
    Details will be updated later.

    Please see from other in photo gallery.

    ※Due to the epidemic of coronavirus, the Katakuri Festival in April will be canceled.

Notice of business change of Kawaratei

  • Guidance of business hours change of Kawaratei

    Thank you for using Kawaratei on a daily basis.
    Business hours of the first floor restaurant "Kawaratei" on weekdays,
    Open for lunch only.
    Please note that Monday to Thursday will be closed at night.
    Open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

    We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding.

    Postscript:Initially scheduled until March 26, but with the outbreak of coronavirus
       In the meantime, we will suspend business hours on weekdays.
       We will inform you on the website if there is any change.

Magazines are now e-book eras! Please enjoy "Travel Color" from your smartphone!

  • Magazines are now e-book eras! Please enjoy "Travel Color" from your smartphone!

    This time, e-book, “Travel Color”, Kawaratei was published.
    It ’s a convenient time.
    He wrote various things that can not be felt only by HP.
    Please take a look.

    In March, Miki Maya is decorating the cover!


Google Map

Hotel Name

Kaminomiya Onsen, Kawaratei


31-3 Jinguji, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture

Telephone number



5 minutes from Joshinetsu Highway Arai Smart IC
About 7 minutes by car from Jōetsumyōkō Station

Transportation available (Condition: One night breakfast or no meals for those without meals can not be accepted)
Free pick up to the nearest station.(Reservation system up to 15:00 the previous day)
Sorry, we can not pick you up after 17 o'clock.
The next day's sending is possible from 9 o'clock.
Go to the traffic access page

There is also a day-long bathing.Please feel free to use.

  • One-day hot springs, Details

      Opening Hours
      9: 30-21: 30, ( Last reception 21:00)

      Bathing fee
      Adult · · · \ 800 / elementary school student · · 400 yen / infant · · · free

      Break in the private room (2nd floor guest room) (reservation required: accepted from one week before) ... 2 hours ¥ 2160 / Extension hourly + ¥ 1080

      Towel set for rent · · · \ 200 / Inner towel set · · · 400 yen

      ※ Due to stormy weather in winter, the closing time may change.
      ※ We also offer a great 10-time ticket.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.