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Frequently Asked Questions

  • There seems to be some day-trip guests, though ...

    Day trips are available from 10:30 to 21:00.
    Therefore, on the day of stay, only guests can use it from 21:00 to 23:00.
    The next morning, reContinue reading
  • I like a room with a good view · · ·

    The hotel is two stories high.
    Recommendation is "special room, A and B".
    Rural scenery seen from the window and the mountains that you see Continue reading
  • I would like to smoke ...

    Special Room A, Special Room B, and Standard Room are all "non-smoking" rooms.
    The entire building is almost non-smoking, but there is a smoContinue reading
  • Can I do karaoke?

    *As of July 20, 2022,To prevent the spread of new corona infections these days
    We have stopped using the karaoke room.
    The timing of resumptContinue reading
  • Is dinner room meal?

    I am sorry.Dinner is served in the 1st floor banquet hall.
    We can not accept dinner in our room.
    Those who wish to have a private room will Continue reading
  • Can I receive a massage?

    There is a Chinese-style massage "Rakumomin" within the facility.
    We will make a complete reservation system, so please make a direct reservContinue reading
  • Is there a place to store valuable items?

    Guests staying in the room have a safe under the TV in their room.
    There is valuables BOX before the public bath.
    If you are going to take aContinue reading
  • Is there shampoo and so on?

    There is a shampoo, conditioner, body soap in the washroom of the public bath.

    Ladies and milky lotions are prepared for women's clothContinue reading
  • I would like to use a bed, but do you have a Western-style room?

    Yes.The special room A is a room with a bedroom.
    There are 2 beds.
    There is no bed in other rooms, but putting a cot for those who wish
    Is pContinue reading
  • Is there a baby cot?

    There is a cot in the ladies' public bath.
    Please use it for clothes change and diaper change at bath time.

    There is no preparation in the Continue reading
  • Do you have Wi-Fi?

    You can use it in all facilities.
    Since it is free unnecessary such as a password, please use it.
  • I have tattoos and tattoos, but can I stay?

    I am sorry.
    I will refuse bathing of a tattoo / tattoo person in a public bath.
    Please do not enter the public bath as consideration to otheContinue reading
  • Is there a scheduled train, is there a shuttle to the station?

    We are only accepting pickups for those who book two nights accommodation.
    We are not taking a one-night breakfast or a mealless plan.
    Continue reading
  • When are dinner time and breakfast time?

    Dinner start time is available at 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00.
    (Since it is also possible to start at 17 o'clock for people wishing to go outContinue reading
  • How long does it take to a nearby ski resort?

    In summer, the road conditions are good, so it takes about 40 minutes to arrive at the Akakura Ski Area.
    If it's a winter way, it would be Continue reading
  • How old will a girl (female) child enter a woman (man) bath?

    Especially, it is not stipulated how old you are, but for children above elementary school age
    Please refrain.
    Even in elementary school, I Continue reading
  • I'd like to go to the Takada cherry blossom party.

    Takada's night cherry tree is particularly famous.
    Lights up starts at sunset time.(Until 22 o'clock)
    Early check-in → Have dContinue reading
  • I'd like to have a meal with a friend I do not stay ...

    You can call us after reservation so please contact us.
    It is also possible to offer the same meal as guests.
    Bathing is also possible, so pContinue reading
  • Is it possible to stay with pets?

    I am sorry.
    We do not accept pets.
    I think you got it in a pet shop etc.
    In the car ...Because we can not take responsibility here, please sContinue reading
  • The rooms on the first floor are good, can you please?

    I'm sorry.
    We can not accept because there is no room for accommodation on the first floor.
    Because there is no elevator in the facility, weContinue reading
  • Is it possible to use it with a wheelchair?

    There is a slope inside the entrance / facility, and it is possible to use it with a wheelchair.
    However, since the room will be on the secoContinue reading
  • Is there a refrigerator in it?

    In the refrigerator of the room, we prepare beer · juice etc. beforehand.
    When you use it, fill out the number in the voucher of the refrigeContinue reading
  • Are there any water etc. in your room?

    Your room is ready for tea.
    I will lay down a futon at dinner time, but at that time Ice-filled
    We are preparing the water on the table.
    If Continue reading
  • Until what time is bathing? From what time in the morning?

    Bathing for guests is until 23:00.
    After 23:00, a cleaning worker enters the work, so we will get out of the changing room until then · · ·IContinue reading
  • There are infants, but is it safe to enter a public bath?

    There is no particular restriction here.
    For infants who are not out of diapers, please take a bath under the guardian's responsibility.

    DoContinue reading

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