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New Plan, ** Niigata Sanmagery **, Boiled salted koji of black salad of Sado Island

Taste · eat, ~ taste of the season · · ·This is the ultimate of luxury ~

Please enjoy the deliciousness of the four seasons of Myoko where you can taste the seasons.

Various plan

  • Banquet Plan

    Information on banquet dishes.

    **** Please use for farewell party, meals with relatives and friends ****

    You can choose from the following three course partying cuisine.
    6,000 yen, 5,000 yen, 4,000 yen (consumption tax·Service charge excluded)
    (The photo shows 5,000 yen multi-course meal)

    An all-you-can-drink option, 2,000 yen (tax excluded) / 2 hours, is also available.

    Bathing with hot spring bath (with face towel)
    Selection of a table / chair seat is possible.
    Please contact us for pick up.

    Please make your reservation 3 days in advance.

    Cancellation charge will cost 100% on the day and 30% the day before.

    The contents of the dish may change depending on the purchase situation.

    We appreciate your reservation by telephone.
    TEL: 0255-72-7307

    ~Hors d'oeuvres plan~
    With friendly people and waiwai! Why do not you like this hors d'oeuvres course if you do not need one cuisine per person? As bathing fee · room fee · pick-up fee etc will change according to the number of people you use, please inquire.
  • Buddhist Plan

    ~ Legendary party meal ~

    A heart to remember the deceased ... I want to inherit that thought forever.

    Collect with people who are well-versed, talk about nostalgia, memories ...
    I will assist you with a meal with a dish with a truly heart.

     Chrysanthemum 7,000 yen, Orchid 8,000 yen, lotus, 10,000 yen (Tax·Service charge excluded)

    Please feel at home with the Kawaratei.

    ※Please contact us such as pickups and gifts.

    Please note that the cancellation fee will be charged from the previous day.
    • Legendary party meal, "Chrysanthemum" "Ran" "Lotus"course

      ¥ 7,000·8,000 yen·10,000 yen (consumption tax·Service charge excluded)
      Period available:
      All Year
  • Celebration Plan

    ~Celebration Plan~
    Birthday, 60th birthday, longevity, wedding anniversary, passing memorial, discharge celebration, wedding celebration, Shichigosan, adult ceremony, graduation celebration, celebration, etc.
    Please make a wonderful time and warm memories.
    "Kawaratei" will help you.

     Ootori Tama 10,000 yen, Suzu Ran 8,000 yen (consumption tax·Service charge excluded)

    ※Please contact us such as pickups and flowers.

    Cancellation charge will cost 100% on the day and 30% the day before.
    • Celebratory kaiseki cuisine

      Ootori Tama, 10,000 yen, Suzu Ran 8,500 yen (consumption tax·Service charge excluded)
      Period available:
      All Year
  • Day plan

    【Weekday limited, Jonnobi Plan】
    Finally! , A new day trip plan has begun.     

    Mini multi-course meals + bathing + is your break and sit back spend'll plan
    How is it at the girls' party or mumma lunch? Of course, men are also welcome!
    For details please see the leaflet!

    【Limited to Weekdays, Nagomi Plan】
    We were able to plan more!
    "To eat easily with the cafeteria menu" "In response to the voice saying" I'd like to relax and chat and have a tea drink and take a bath "
    Lunch (selected from three cafeteria menus) + bathing + breaks ...It is ¥ 2,000! And tax included!

    However···Because it is condition to use more than 10 people, how about using for the elderly association, women's association, circle fellows?

    We'll be expecting you.

Meal meals

  • Dinner in a typical room accommodation example

    Dinner offered we are offering to customers who will stay in general rooms
    An example.

    It was a kaiseki cuisine, all in the picture,
    We will deliver one by one in turn.

    While warm one is warm ....Please enjoy fried foods fried..

    Please enjoy it with local sake with local ingredients.
  • A breakfast example

    From June 2017, the content of breakfast has changed.
    Ma Gowa Yasashii, vegetable-centered
    I am having breakfast.
  • For elementary school students, Children's meal

    Dinner for elementary school children.
    The banquet of accommodation, legal matter and banquets also offers this dish.

    Child of lower grades, quantitatively so far can not eat···To say
    For children, we recommend children's plate.
  • For infants, Children's plate

    It is a meal for preschool children.
    We are offering dinner at the hotel, meals, legal matters and banquet meals.

    Even those who are preschool children, for children who will eat a lot
    We recommend children's table.

    Also, "There is no need for this amount" "I do not know if I can eat that day"
    If you are a person, you can choose from the cafeteria menu as before without noticing it here.
    Please feel free to ask the person in charge