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Surrounding information

  • Samegao Castle Ruins, National Historic Site

    Samegao Castle is Yamashiro large-scale at the foot of the South Hayama in Mamorujo against the Uesugi Kenshin Kai Takeda
    Uesugi Kenshin adoption of Kagetora and Naoe Kanetsugu in the successor conflict of Uesugi Kenshin is known as a stage of worship was Kagekatsu competed Otate no Ran, eventually Kagekatsu is victory Kagetora is own blade here, the castle was also burned down.
    Characterized as having 16 moat cuts that cut off the One Suji the Sannomaru ruins, carbonized rice balls have been excavated when the castle was destroyed by "Otate no Ran".(Kawaratei display at Kawaratei Facility)
    In addition, Uesugi Kagetora became known as the hero of "Fire mirage" animated as a novel and became popular.

    Kawaratei, 30 minutes on foot (the top)
  • Hida Historical Site, National Historic Site

    Hida Historical Site of the Hida Historical Site is a village trail in the late Yayoi (period) period or the early period of the Tomb period, even though the dwelling place group and the sky moat surrounding it are not filled, you can still see the dent.
    You can also enjoy hiking and dee camping on the grass plaza and barbecue oven (Mt. Firefly only).

    10 minutes walk from Kawaratei
  • Kannon Daira·Tenshindo Tomb Group, National Historic Site

    Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple of the Temple is built around 150 tombs including the tombs during the Kofun Period from the end of the middle of the Kofun Period to the latter period, and it is highly valuable as a remarkably large-scale tumulus group in the Hokuriku region.
    This area is a spot for amateur photographers who are crowded with springs in different springs and have seeds of different colors.

    Kannon Daira Tomb, 20 min walk / Temple of the Tenshindo Tomb Group, 10 minutes on foot
  • Hida Shrine

    Is surrounded by a cedar grove that was dense, Tataeru Hida Shrine the dignified flavor is, Heian initial Daido two years (AD 807 years) foundation.It is a famous temple where the name was left also in the 60th Engi Ceremony Emperor Daigo era (927 AD), and the formality was admitted to the court at ancient times.In the Middle Ages, the Uesugi Clan's faith is thick and worshipers come from all over the country.
    Heian period beginning of Daido two years (807 years) Hida Shrine reportedly founded were collected nationwide Nasha Engi Ceremony leave the name in Extension issued five years, 927 years) ancient temple.
    At that time, at the Hida Shrine in Hida Shrine, we produced medicines that are effective in the middle breeze and gathered deep faith of people as a god of sickness with that formality.

    Kawaratei, 5 minutes on foot